The Award

Terumo BCT is committed to supporting physicians, nurses, researchers and scientists to further the scientific evidence, research and understanding of therapeutic plasma exchange (TPE).

The grant program has been designed to encourage better understanding of the efficacy and use of TPE, new clinical use and support new innovative thinking.

Grant Committee

The committee consists of senior representatives of the Terumo BCT Medical Affairs team and up to three independent key opinion leaders/specialists, dependent on nature of proposals. Both the initial Expression of Interest review and the final review will be conducted by the Terumo BCT Grant Committee.

Expenses Covered

The length of study is dependent on its scope. Funds can be used to cover direct costs, salary and overhead (not to exceed 17 percent of the total funding) associated with the approved proposal. Product or disposables may also be supplied by Terumo BCT. The request should be included in the Expression of Interest and the amount will be defined in the final award agreement. Once determined, the amount for Terumo BCT equipment and disposables may be in addition to the grant.

Although our financial plans include support of this program, awards pursuant to this opportunity are contingent upon the availability of funds and the submission of a sufficient number of appropriate proposals. Total funding, including costs and overhead, should not exceed U.S. $100,000 over the period of the program.

Grant Recipient Responsibilities

  • Designing and conducting the scientific investigation according to specific but reasonable timelines including start, midterm and ending milestones.
  • Providing interim and final research summary reports, as well as a proposed publication plan including a courtesy review prior to publication submission.
  • Outlining a proposed funds payment schedule in accordance with these reporting points and presenting an associated budget for how the funds will be used at each point; this will be reviewed at the mid and endpoint of the study by Terumo BCT Medical Affairs.
  • Meeting timelines and milestones in order to receive full funding.
  • Complying with organizational requirements where the study will be conducted and all relevant laws, regulations and guidelines for clinical and pre-clinical research.
  • Reporting safety data to regulatory authorities and Terumo BCT as required.
  • Registering the clinical study online where it is publicly available, for example
  • Following all applicable regulatory requirements (for example, Investigational New Drug Application, Investigational Device Exemption, Adverse Event Reporting, Institutional Review Board approval)
  • Signing an appropriate award agreement outlining specifics regarding use of grant funds, audits, payment, provisions, etc.